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Boylston, MA 01505
About Us:
Centrally located in Boylston - we're able to service most parts of Massachusetts! With over 70 years of combined in-house experience, we're able to service all of your needs!
>"I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed I am with the customer service we have received from your company during our house buying experience. I have not had the same experience with other complanies or with other parties I have had to deal with throughout this time. I originally called Savoie Modular because of high reviews from a friend of ours who is a police officer in Boylston. He couldn't say enough wonderful things about your company. I also have a friend who was familiar with your company and she also had great things to say. I am so thankful I called!"
Just wanted to say thank you. You did a great job and we enjoy your company when you are out here. After work was done daily, you wouldn't even know anyone was here."
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Savoie Modular Homes, Inc.
We have exactly what you need! We can price your custom home - modular or stick built, addition, garage or remodel! Please call with any questions.
If you did not find the home of your dreams, contact us!
Thank-you for visiting Savoie Modular!
Scott & Steve Savoie began working along side their father, Ernie, when they were teens. Over 20 years later, they have their Construction Supervisors License (CSL) and still work with their Dad.
When you come and sit with us to talk about your project - don't expect suits and ties.... we're just regular people, working hard and trying to make an honest living by providing our customers with quality work.
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We're exactly what you need!
 From modular to stick-built, garages to additions & remodels - we're exactly what you need.
>"We appreciate the fact that everything was done right. On those few, rare occasions when something wasn't right, you guys took the time & effort to make it right. Your customer service & workmanship are superior!"
"I got soooo excited when I looked at the barn yesterday... you were able to get the wood in the stalls horizontally, and I LOVE how you rounded the edges of the wood!!! It looks AMAZING!!! I can't believe how fast things are going - YOU'RE THE BEST!!"
We have made our name by treating our customers right and being exactly what they need.